Sacral and Heart Chakra Healing – Clearing Emotional Blockages

by Sangita Prana Sound Healing



Includes Sacral and Chakra Healing Youtube Video.

Swadhisthana for Happiness, Confidence and Resourcefulness

The sacral’s emotional component is - guilt, its purpose is to help fluidity of movement and gain connections to the other chakras and energies.

By combining the sacral and heart chakra tones, we can help towards releasing any obsessive behaviour, addictions, help with depression and mood swings and release emotional sensitivity by helping regain connections with yourself by learning to love yourself.

Listening to ‘Sacral and Heart Chakra Healing’ on a regular basis, combined with meditation and self will, it can help release any blockages, anxieties, or barriers that may be getting in your way. Allowing life to flow freer.


released April 10, 2013



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Sound healing using chakra balancing, geometry, music of the spheres concept, binaural beats, tuning fork therapy, natural therapy, laws of physics and found sounds, spiritual enlightenment and music therapy techniques.

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