Communicating with NATURE'S Spirit to HEAL Sound of Being .​:​. I AM SOUND

by Sangita Prana Sound Healing



Sound Healing for the Mind, Body and Soul

Communicating with NATURE"S Spirit to HEAL sound of being .:. I AM SOUND incorporates gentle binaural beats, isochronic tones, nature sounds and the sound of plants and trees. Using specific frequencies and brainwave techniques to help you reconnect your physical and spiritual being with nature.

Strip away the build up from harmful rays you have absorbed through societies way of life, such as absorbing negative energies caused by electrical appliances, radiation and harmful rays from everyday appliances. Restore and detox your whole system back to basics, back to nature and back to the real you. Help your natural beauty reconnect with the refreshing healing powers of mother earth and restore the connection with nature's highly potent force. Find happiness, inner peace, healing and let quantum sound relieve stress and anxiety whilst helping to raise your vibration by resonating in tune with nature.


released July 1, 2017



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Sangita Prana Sound Healing UK

Sound healing using chakra balancing, geometry, music of the spheres concept, binaural beats, tuning fork therapy, natural therapy, laws of physics and found sounds, spiritual enlightenment and music therapy techniques.

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