1. The Divine TREE | Nourish WILLPOWER, Focus & Growth | Seed Magic

  2. Rain Collection: Pure Binaural Beats // Positive Aura Cleanse

  3. Electromagnetic Field Stimulator for EMOTIONAL Healing | Anti Anxiety Body Cleanse

  4. Pure Chakra Solfeggio Binaural Beats

  5. Sacred Sun: Find Your WARRIOR Self ⌖⋮ I AM Strength, I CAN Cope ⋮⌖

  6. 639hz: Attract Love ❯ Raise Positive Energy ❯ Connect With Spirit Family & Lost Loved Ones

  7. Protection Against Troll Abuse - Shield Your Aura & Increase Ability To Cope

  8. Balance Male-Female Energy || Harmonise Energy Field || Yin Yang Meditation

  9. Water Shaman || Shaman Drum Trance - Sacred Tones for Deep Meditation

  10. Activate Brain To It’s Fullest Potential | Improve Brain Vitality & Enable Crystal Clear Cognition | Brain Wave Binaural Beats Therapy

  11. Sun Gazing (Solar Plexus Attunement)

  12. Pure Planetary Binaural Beats: Connective Transcendence

  13. Akashic Frequency Activation: PTSD Recovery (with Binaural Beats)

  14. Chi Light | Balancing Through Solfeggio: ALL Chakra's

  15. Connecting with Source Energy -Archangels ♡ Earth Sun Cosmos

  16. The Quantum Mind - Binaural Beats & White Noise

  17. Sound Therapy: Drug and Alcohol Addiction│Audio Rehab

  18. Rewire Your Sentient Brain - Set Free Depression & Calm Psychosis

  19. Love Frequency 528hz

  20. Maha Meru │ Cancer Recovery Aid

  21. Spiritual Growth: Pure Binaural Beats Compilation

  22. Sacred Elements: Deep Sleep Theta Meditation - Binaural Beats

  23. Throat Chakra Light Rays - Binaural Beats

  24. HAPPINESS - Boost Endorphins, Dopamine and Serotonin

  25. Psychic Protection: Shield Against Bad Luck & Negative Energy

  26. Spiritual Dog Sound Healing - OM Chant

  27. Meditation: Clearing Negativity (Strengthening the Aura)

  28. 3rd Eye Chakra Awakening

  29. Pure Planetary Binaural Beats: Sync with the Rotation of the Solar System

  30. Spiritual Cat - Sound Healing

  31. Heart Chakra Release (Isochronic Tones & White Noise)

  32. Sacral & Heart Chakra – Clearing Emotional Blockages (Binaural Beats)


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