Peace On Earth At Christmas: Renew Family Harmony

by Sangita Prana Sound Healing

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Peace On Earth At Christmas: Renew Family Harmony - Winter Wonderland Edition - the winter solstice is a period of descent and rest, nestling within our homes during the cold winter months. Like nature, this time is for hibernation and is necessary to help us renew for the coming year. It is also a time for family gatherings and sharing love and peace with our loved ones. Sometimes that exchange of energy between families can be overwhelming and many absorb a lot of negative energies from members of the family that we carry into the new year. The sound healing piece is designed to help you cope with family get togethers, help amend old wounds between family arguments, help heal and nurture new beginnings and renew family harmony so that the whole family is set up for the new year. You (the listener) are the conduit of these frequencies that you will naturally eminate from your being into others around you.

136.10hz For meditation, peace relaxation & energy enhancer

963hz raise positive vibration into others around you

210.42hz promotes appreciation of home & family, supports self-nurturance

207.36hz enhances community and creativity in group situations, supports the process of individuation, promotes detachment and more universal perspective

432hz balance and harmony

528hz enhancing love connections

639hz attract love and heal old negative energy

26hz calming - emphasises qualities of loving kindness and brings forth change


released December 12, 2018


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