Sacred Sun: Find Your WARRIOR Self ⌖⋮ I AM Strength, I CAN Cope ⋮⌖

by Sangita Prana Sound Healing



The essence of our Sun gives light, strength and power. It is our spiritual centre and pivotal force within our lives. The sun's energy can be used within the law of attraction to attract positivity, happiness and well-being, build mental strength and enhance our ability to cope with an ever increasingly hard world to survive in. The sun's core frequency can create oneness, and aid integration giving sense of peace and contentment. We are all capable of becoming a warrior and surviving in life, we just need to learn how to access those forgot about energies inside of our instinctual selves.

Meditate along with this music for healing session, focus on your breath inhale and exhale and upon exhale whisper “I AM Strength, I CAN Cope” inside the minds eye whenever you feel the need to release energy


released January 5, 2019


all rights reserved