Sound Healing for Budgies: Phi Tranquil Relaxation

by Sangita Prana Sound Healing



Sound Healing for Budgies - Phi Tranquil Relaxation is a 30 minute relaxation session for your budgie. This session uses the patterns of the golden ratio (phi) that is deeply connected with nature that is built around the fibonacci sequence. Sound Healing for Budgies was written using sounds budgies most respond too and have a calming effect upon them.

Sound Healing for Budgies must be introduced to your bird slowly and quietly, increasing the volume and consistency over time. But must always be played back on a low - medium volume.

Sound Healing for Budgies will relax your bird as well as keep your bird alert and playful. The golden ratio is especially potent within birds because of hoe connected they are to nature and her spiritual energy, giving your bird a sense of peace and contentment.



released September 9, 2017


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